Oratory of St. Rocco

The oratory was dedicated to St. Rocco, protector against the plague of 1622. It was built by the rich confraternity of St. Rocco, whose members belonged to the upper families of Imola.

It is situated on the top floor of the Chiesa di Valverde (Church of Valverde), and its present aspect is due to the works commissioned to the architects Lorenzo and Cosimo Mattoni at the beginning of the 18th century. It is a large rectangolar room with a lowered arch, illuminated by vast windows and decorated in the rococò style, with numerous carved wooden benches, painted to resemble marble and arranged along the walls.

The rich furnishings of the past have now disappeared, but some paintings originally mounted in stucco frames are preserved in the Museo Diocesano.

Oratory of St. Rocco
via Valeriani 19
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