Culture with Leonardo

A flight through cuIture with Leonardo
If you’ve never been, this is the time to come!
It is a rather special library focusing totally on children and teenagers under fourteen.
It is situated in an elegant little building which the Piani family donated to the Imola town council. Its rooms are full of books on shelves and its interlinking rooms and corridors create a home atmosphere, a children’s home.


The smallest children (0-6 years) have a special space on the first floor with a large carpet full of games and books for their age group (cloth and wood books and giant or tiny books…) which opens its doors in summer onto a pleasant terrace with tables, chairs, benches and games.
If you’re strolling along Via Emilia, your attention will certainly be caught by two jolly shop windows. Push your nose to the window to get a better look. You’ll get a glimpse of the Casa Piani play space. You can play here on your own or with others, with friends or parents and the librarian will help out.