Bosco della Frattona

This natural reserve (of 19 hectares) was opened in 1984 and belongs to the region. It is at the foot of the hills of Imola, and is also near the Parco Tozzoni. This large woods once surrounded all the area around Imola, and also the Pianura Padana (the flatlands of Padana).


The name of this park – Frattona derives from the word “fratta”, which means steep area with thick vegetation, which perfectly describes this rough area with steep hillsides that descend towards Rio Correcchio (Correcchio Stream) and which is its natural border in the north. The rich and diverse vegetation includes Oak, Durmast, Locust and Hornbeam trees and a rich underbush full of colours with the spring blossoms.

Bosco della Frattona
via Suore
web: ceas

Opening hours:
24 hours a day


CEA – Centro Educazione Ambientale ‘Bosco della Frattona
via Pirandello 12
tel. 0542.602183
fax 0542.602185
The centre co-ordinates and promotes the study projects of the “Bosco della Frattona”. There is a reading room where it is possible to consult books and essays about natural environment, a laboratory and research room, where it is possible to use the facilities and equipment of the centre (microscopes, binoculars, TV and VCR, projector, and instruments for simple experiments), and finally a room where a computer linked to ISDN enables the connection to the control room for the town pollution levels, elaborates the information through the special software.


Visiting hours:
Tuesday and Thursday 9.30-12.30 and 14.30-18.00