Tour of the city on bike

On bicycle through the city centre
Start from the Tourist Information Office (IAT) in the Arcade Gallery in Gramsci square.
Pleace notice: via=street, viale =avenue; vicolo=alley, piazza=square


Go to via Mazzini, on the ground floor of the Town Hall, turn right and follow via Mazzini, turn right into viale Rivalta and go straight ahead as far as Porta Montanara (Gate), then further up along the tree-lined via Saffi that will lead you to the Rocca (Fortress).


Carry on, keeping to the left of the Rocca so as to take the pleasant path behind the fortress as far as via Caterina Sforza and then left up to the intersection with via Emilia. Turn right into via Emilia, the roman decumano maximo, and carry on towards the town centre: you’ll go past several ancient mansions: Palazzo Machirelli (no.25 on the street), Casa Rambaldi (no.29) Palazzo Dal Monte Casoni (no.34) and finally the ancient Franciscan convent now hosting the Town Theatre (corner via Emilia- piazza A. Ferri) and Library (no.80).


From the Theatre, turn left into via Verdi ( the Museo Scarabelli – Archaelogical Museum is at no.7) ; at the following crossroads turn right into via Cavour and continue up the road as far as the public gardens Rambaldi: take the cobbled alley – via Sacchi – on the right: the entrance to the Pinacoteca – Municipal Art Gallery is at no.4.


At the end of the alley, turn left into via Quarto, notice the beautiful terracotta portal of the gothic Chiesa di S. Domenico (Church) at no.1. At the crossoroads carry on along via Cerchiari and then turn left into via Appia, go past the medieval façade of Palazzo Pighini (no.18), turn right into via Cavour (notice the Renaissance Palazzo Calderini at n.84) and at the crossroads take the narrow via Baviera Maghinardo to the right. Once in via Emilia turn right and after a few metres left into piazza Mirri; take via dei Mille where, at no.26 is the seat of the Museo CIDRA (Antifascist Resistance Documentation Centre).


Take the narrow via Laderchi to the right, leading again to via Emilia and the pedestrian area. Turn left into via Emilia, go past the main square Piazza Matteotti , and straight ahead crossing the central area which once was the Roman forum, following via Emilia. When you reach the intersection with via Orsini, notice on the left-hand side of via Emilia the 18th century Pharmacy; take the alley on the left called vicolo Inferno an follow it up to the cute piazza Conciliazione from where the imposing sight of the Dome’s apse will catch your attention. Carry on along the alley, turn left into via Don Bughetti and then left again into the main via Garibaldi where at n.18 has its seat Palazzo Tozzoni, one of the main attractions of the town.


Carry on until you get to the crossroads with via Mazzini: turn left and you’ll be back to the starting point.

City Map