‘Zuppa Inglese’, sponge-cakes, (a type of English trifle made with cream, sponge cake soaked in a cherry liqueur and with added bits of chocolate), ravioli (biscuits filled with jam and covered with a few drops of cherry liqueur, and to which a folk festival is dedicated in the nearby town of Fontanelice), and the ciambella (a dry cake which can be dipped in sweet wine) are some of the characteristic desserts.


Saba, a type of sweetener or jam made from the crushed grapes, is a very old farmer’s product. Sfrappole is the sweet associated with the period of Carnival. These long type of wide noodles, are fried in lard and then sprinkled with icing sugar. The nearby town of Castel S. Pietro, famous for the production of honey and its by-products, dedicate a folk festival to this delicacy.

Last Updated: 12/10/2018