Benvenuto da Imola

Son of a notary of Imola, Rambaldi was a scholar who knew Boccaccio and listened to his lessons in Florence on the Divine Comedy of Dante. He wrote Romuleon, which is an outline of roman history, and a commentary to Bucoliche and to Georgiche, but he was especially famous for the commentary to the Divine Comedy of Dante (Comentum super Dantis Aligherii comoediam). This text is world renown because of its originality and depth.

He was an important person of great culture, between the Medieval and Humanistic period, who demonstrated in his famous comment of the Divine Comedy, a profound knowledge of the antique sources, critical spirit and expressiveness, thanks to the use of a Latin mixed with some local colloquial expressions, which rendered the text more realistic.

Last Updated: 31/07/2020