Church of St. Maria dell’Olivo

This small church is situated on the corner of the small square “Piazza della Conciliazione”, also called of the Olive tree. In ancient times there was a cemetery next to the Cathedral of San Cassiano. This church was built by the Confraternity of San Bartolomeo before 1452, but after it collapsed it was totally rebuilt in 1751 by the young and emerging architect Cosimo Morelli.
The inside, with one single nave, sustained by columns and Corinthian capitals. Two paintings by Angelo Gottarelli, “L’Annunciazione” and “S. Bartolomeo” can be admired within the church. Today it is officiated by Orthodox Christians.

Church of St. Maria dell’Olivo
piazza della Conciliazione 7
tel. 0542.22146 Parish Church

Opening hours:
upon appointment


Last Updated: 20/05/2023