Cincinnato Baruzzi

He was a brilliant student of Canova, and when his tutor died he took over his studio and continued producing works of art closely following the neo-classic style of his master. For the next thirty years he continued to win esteem and admiration both nationally and internationally. The Emperor of Russia, the King of Baviera, the Prince of Metternich and Carlo Alberto di Savoia were just a few of his illustrious regular customers. The new cultural fashions and the new political ideals which followed the unification of Italy marked the decline of the artist and the disappearance of his works of art. Of those left in Imola, there is a bust of Francesco Alberghetti which is on exhibit in the room of the Consiglio Comunale in the Municipal building, and the busts of Cornelio Silla and Luigi Valeriani in the Municipal Library.

Last Updated: 01/08/2020