Della Volpe Palace

This building was commissioned by Girolamo Riaro in order to host his guests, and was completed by Giorgio Fiorentino in 1484.

It is a notable building, decorated by numerous arches and frames in terracotta. The facade on Via Orsini still shows signs of the back entrance for the horses and carriages, leading to the courtyard where once were the stables. The overhead balcony with its columns and capitals in decorated sandstone, marks the floor which was designed for the noble residence. The main facade overlooking Via Emilia still displays the decorated arches in terracotta which once belonged to the original shops that occupied these premises. At the end of Caterina Sforza’s reign, the building was bought by Della Volpe Family.

Today the building hosts offices and private homes.

Della Volpe Palace – Former El Cappello Hotel
via Emilia 140


Last Updated: 06/11/2023