Church of Saints Nicolò and Domenico

The church, along with the ex-Dominican convent, belongs to the large complex of the same name, which already hosts the Pinacoteca Comunale (Art Gallery) and is going to accommodate other museum collections, after a demanding period of restorations.

The history of this building is tied to that of the Order of the Dominicans, who in 1280 started the construction of the church and later on of the convent.
This gothic styled church was built in 1374 and in the 17th and 18th centuries was radically changed inside. The facade boasts a splendid terracotta portal, with a large ceiling rose built in 1340 by Iacopo da Cereto.

Church of Saints Nicolò and Domenico
via Quarto 5
tel. 0542.23443 Parish Church

Opening hours:
upon appointment


Last Updated: 06/11/2023