Church of St. Giacomo Maggiore del Carmine

The church and the convent are tied to the history of the Carmelite Order, who were already active in this area in the 14th century with a small church and convent.
In the 18th century massive renovations were undertaken by the architect Domenico Trifogli, and which totally changed the facade which assumed a neo-classic aspect; the front of the church incorporated the pre-existing portico.
Inside there is a beautiful main alter and the choir of the convent is work of Fausto Zamboni. In the presbytery, enclosed in 18th century cases finely decorated, are two organs built by Franz Zanin in 1993.

Church of St. Giacomo Maggiore del Carmine
via Emilia 32
tel. 0542.22392 Parish Church

Opening hours:
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Last Updated: 06/11/2023