Conti della Bordella House

This home was bought by the Conti della Bordella in 1478 and renovated in 1526 after damages caused by the numerous attacks by the enemy family Vaini. The building is typical Renaissance of the first period with its dressed stone facade.

The rooms on the ground floor still display remains of frescoes of wreaths and fruits together with the coat-of-arms of Caterina Sforza: a large green snake of the Visconti family and the golden rose of the Riario family.

In 1700 it became the property of the Mazzolani family and later of the Gandolfi family who donated it in 1963 to the Municipality of Imola.

Dei Conti della Bordella then Gandolfi House
via Dei Mille 26


Last Updated: 06/11/2023