The Town Hall

It is situated right in the centre of the pedestrian zone at the intersection of via Emilia-via Appia (the antique Roman decumano) and via Mazzini (which corrisponds to the Roman cardo). Still today there are two buildings connected to each other by a portal facing the via Emilia, as in medieval times. The building probably dates back to the first half of the 13th century, but very few traces remain of that period, such as the columns with the grey sandstone capitals situated under the portal on via Emilia.

It underwent a total restoration in the second half of the 18th century, under the direction of Alfonso Torreggiani and later of Cosimo Morelli. It was Morelli who completed the façade onto Piazza Matteotti, the halls on the first floor and the monumental staircase.

The visit begins at the first floor where an impressing painting of Taddeo Della Volpe on a rampaging horse and various furnishings in the Bolognese style of the 16th century are on display. Further on is the Green Room, elegantly furnished in Rococò style, and this leads to the Town Council Room, which is illuminated by splendid 18th century chandeliers of Murano (Venice). Decorating the room are also various busts and a commemorative plaque, work of Cincinnato Baruzzi.

The Fireplace Room, the Red Room and the Yellow Room all form the prestigious artistic areas of the palace thanks to the Rococò furnishings, the large golden framed mirrors, the 17th century glass chandeliers of Murano, and the allegoric frescoed ceilings by the painters Alessandro Della Nave and Giacomo Zampa. The antique chapel of the palace, nowadays used as a meeting room, also displays the frescoes by Antonio Villa and Angelo Gottarelli, painted in 1793, portraying the patron saints of Imola. There is also a reproduction of the painting, especially commissioned in 1583 to Lavinia Fontana, “La Madonna di Ponte Rotto” (The Holy Mother of the Broken Bridge): the original is in the Pinacoteca (Art Gallery).


The palace can be visited upon appointment. For further information please contact IAT at 0542.602207.

The Town Hall
via Mazzini 4
tel. 0542.602111

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Last Updated: 20/05/2023